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The Angel Card Idea came about because…

Before I came to know God, people would hand me tracts or cards throughout my life at different times, AND if they handed me ANYTHING that had scripture on it I would only pitch it in the garbage and think the person was a “HOLY ROLLER”.
I would then carry on in my worldly ways!

WELL, since then Christ has come into my life, filling me with the Holy Spirit and teaching me new ways! I now look at life a Bit differently.

The Angel card idea came to me on the SAME Morning of September 11 and with all the fears that filled my soul that day I am sure one can understand. I became glued to my TV set for days living full of fear and forgot about my Angel Card IDEA.

Finally I saw the LIGHT when I heard from God to FORGET THE TV set and get on with Life. THAT'S just what I did!

I went back to my Angel card idea and started to bring into being ANGEL cards.

My idea was to NOT have scripture on them because I did NOT want to scare the unbeliever away. I knew they had to be SIMPLE. Just enough to PLANT A SEED and they had to be SPECIAL so that the person who found the card would truly feel that this card WAS FOR THEM!
This card had to be JUST ENOUGH to let them know that GOD IS REAL and he is waiting!

I do believe this card I have created WORKS!
God leads me to leave them about, in special places as he KNOWS who they are for and WHO will be picking them up! I have been led to leave them in the STRANGEST places too!

This is the MOST rewarding job I have ever done in my life and NOW I want to share my cards with the WORLD to let others feel the POWER of leaving that “ANGEL” to PLANT A SEED into the next lost soul that comes along!